Intellij Idea in Action

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If you are already a user of IntelliJ IDEA then you have discovered that it provides a powerful environment for managing your Java projects and source files as well as building and testing your applications.
This in-depth guide to the innovative IDE will show you how to unlock the power of the many integrated tools and features of IntelliJ IDEA. Important product features, including the debugger, source code control, and the many code generation tools, are carefully explained and accompanied by tips and tricks that will leave even experienced IDEA users with "Eureka!" moments of informed programming. Coders just graduating from NOTEPAD and Java IDE veterans alike will profit from the powerful and timesaving expertise provided in this essential programmer's resource.


preface xxi
acknowledgments xxiii
about this book xxv
1 Getting started with IDEA
2 Introducing the IDEA editor
3 Using the IDEA editor
4 Managing projects
5 Building and running applications
6 Debugging applications
7 Testing applications with JUnit
8 Using version control
9 Analyzing and refactoring applications
10 Developing Swing applications
11 Developing J2EE applications
12 Customizing IDEA
13 Extending IDEA
appendix: Getting help with IDEA


Duane K. Fields is a web applications developer and Internet technologist with an extensive background in web programming for companies that include IBM and Netscape Communications. He is the coauthor of Manning's Web Development with JavaServer Pages. He lives in Bastrop, Texas. Stephen Saunders is an enterprise Java software engineer with a decade of experience in the knowledge management, financial services, and master data management industries. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Eugene Belayev is the cofounder, president, and chief technology officer of JetBrains, the software company responsible for complex developer tools including Java IDE and IntelliJ IDEA. He lives in St. Petersburg, Russia.
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