Call Center Operation

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April 2003



This handbook serves as a valuable reference manual for IS professionals, call center supervisory and management personnel, as well as senior management, providing technology references for implementing call center, operational guidelines, and many examples of call centers from various business sectors, with a section on how call centers can be used to foster customer relationships.
A special feature of the book is its focus on real-life call center case studies, describing a number of successful call centers, selected from various business sectors" financial, automotive, retail and technology, and others. These case studies are presented in an innovative business school format, providing useful guidelines based on successful corporate call centers.
*Presents key concepts and techniques, including a formal development process, in a real-world context
*Provides extensive management guidelines
*Stresses the importance of staff selection and training


Introduction to Call Centers; Call Center Technology; Organizing and Managing the Call Center; Selecting and Training Call Center Staff; Call Center Case Studies; Building Customer Relationships with Call Centers Appendices: Call Center Vendor Resources-Product and Service Offerings;Glossary of Call Center and CRM Acronyms and Definitions


Duane Sharp, the President of SharpTech Associates, is an electronics engineer (B.Eng. (E.E.)), and registered professional engineer. He has been a corporate communications consultant in the IT sector for over 30 years. Duane is the author of numerous articles on technology published in trade professional publications and of two other books on technology topics. He is also active in the greater Toronto high-tech community.


"This book is educational, easy to understand, and not only a must for call center managers, but it will help CSRs understand the significant role they play in the overall operation of a call center, and in their organization's CRM strategies."-Janet Sutherland, Senior Consultant, Performance Measurement, Bell Contact Centre Solutions, Toronto, Ontario
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