The Brand Mindset: Five Essential Strategies for Building Brand Advantage Throughout Your Company

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November 1999



"A superb book with real substance and passion that could and should change yhour organization. A plethora of original concepts and tools illustrated in marvelous case studies provide new insight into brands and their management." - David A. Aaker., E.T. Grether Professor of Marketing Strategy at The University of California at Berkeley and author of Building Strong Brands. "The BrandMindset is all about building Genuine Brands; they lead with the heart, nurture with the soul and build one customer at a time." - Howard Schultz, Chariman and CEP, Starbucks Coffee Company and best-selling author of Pour Your Heart Into It. "The BrandMindset clearly articulates 'how to think like a brand' which is necessary to understand before an organization can act like a brand." - Dave Whitwam, Chairman and CEO of Whirlpool Corporation. "After reading The BrandMindset you should not only consider changing the way you do business, but you'll have a real good idea about how to go about it - and doing so truly builds Brand Equity." - Robert shulman, CEO of Copernicus and author of Marketing Myths That Are Killing Business. "Today is not enough to provide a service or a product. Success comes when the product and service are created and delivered through a BrandMindset." - Christopher W. Hart, Ph.D., President of the Spire Group and author of Extraordinary Guarantees.


<H2> Foreword.<H2> Preface.<H2> Acknowledgements.<H2> Brandictionary.<H3> Chapter 1: The BrandMindset Thinking Like a Genuine Brand.<H3> Chapter 2: An Introduction to the BrandStrategy Doctrine Process The Roadmap for a Genuine Brand.<H3> Chapter 3: The Brand Assessment. The Process to Evaluate Current and Future Brand Equity.<H3> Chapter 4: The BrandPromise The "Guiding Star" for Genuine Brands.<H3> Chapter 5: The Brand Blueprint The Architecture of a Brand.<H3> Chapter 6: Brand Culturalization Customer Service: "The Heart and Soul of Genuine Brands"<H3> Chapter 7: Creating Brand Advantage Leveraging and Maximizing Brand Equity.<H3> Chapter 8:<H3> Chapter 9: Brand Tools Organizing Your BrandStrategy Doctrine Process.<H4> Notes.<H4> Index.


Duane Knapp is president of Brand Strategy, a Seattle-based marketing and branding consulting firm.
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