Micromechanics/Electron Interactions for Advanced Biomedical Research

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Juli 2011



Highly advanced math models are presented as proof validation of Micromechanics for predicting overall properties with fibers in composite materials in addition to accurate comprehensive mechanical test methods. An extension of material properties for fiber-reinforced composites readily applies to Cell Biology at the micrometer level for the cytoskeleton and surrounding extracellular matrix fibers. Advanced understanding of free radicals needed in providing exact cure conditions for polymer matrix composites can then be easily applied to free-radical theory in Biology and Medicine. Computational Chemistry is developed to explain a new field of mechanomolecular theory based on bond rotations and inversions to understand the nonpolar lipid/polar biologic fluid interface for active membrane transport, cell recognition/signaling, and chemotaxis cell movement. Pathological details for major medical conditions involving cancer and atherosclerosis are described in subsequent details never-before-presented with NIH consensus figures and diagrams. Stem-cell theory is further presented at the leading edge of understanding with basics derived from bone-marrow mesenchymal stem-cell histology.


Undergraduate: Stanford U. and UC Irvine; Professional Doctorate: UCLA; Postdoctoral MS: Northwestern University; PhD in Biomedical Engineering: University of Alabama-Birmingham; DoD DARPA Potential Contractor; DOE Technical Assistance Funding Los Alamos National Laboratory and Kansas City Plant; 3 Advanced Postdoctoral PhD NIH Grants.
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