Human Computer Interaction: Developing Effective Organizational Information Systems

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Foreword by Izak Benbasat, Professor and CanadaResearch Chair in Information Technology Management, University of British Columbia A Balanced Look at HCI in Business
Written specifically for Information Systems students, Te'eni, Carey, and Zhang's Human-Computer Interaction: Developing Effective Organizational Information Systems is the first of its kind. It offers a balanced coverage of the multidisciplinary nature of HCI. It takes a balanced view of the physical, cognitive, and affective aspects of HCI design, and then integrates these aspects in the organizational and business context.
"User-friendly function has been the sine qua non of HCI for a long time. Unfortunately, though, it's been difficult to find a reader-friendly textbook, one accessible to readers who have not majored in computer science and are most interested in interactive systems in real-world settings. This book focuses on the organizational and managerial contexts of interactive systems, fulfilling, at long last, the HCI community's duty to provide a genuinely reader-friendly HCI textbook. Essential reading for anyone interested in how HCI fits into their work, their relationships, or their life generally."
-- Jimwoo Kim, Professor of HCI, Yonsei University
"Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is not just for Computer Science anymore! It is re-inventing itself as the kernel of the new proto-discipline of Information. It's wonderful to see the concepts and techniques of HCI brought to life in the context of decision support, project management, enterprise resource planning, and other business applications."
-- John M. Carroll, Edward M. Frymoyer Chair Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Pennsylvania State University
"Given the huge increase in the use of business systems, there is unprecedented need to focus on the interface to boost productivity and customer satisfaction. This book provides a business-oriented approach to HCI that has been lacking in our curricula. It is not a 'watered-down' approach to HCI, as are some technological adaptations to business. On the contrary, it tightly anchors the principles and methods of HCI design in theories especially appropriate for the organizational context. Pedagogically, the material is organized with simple frameworks that are useful and sensible, tying together the complex topics with ease. This is a book I will use."
-- Dennis Galletta, Professor of Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh
"As a multidisciplinary field, HCI has been crying out for a text that integrates the business, computer science, and psychology aspects of the field. This volume is long overdue for the business school market. I applaud the authors for writing the first of many more editions of this text."
-- Jane Webster, Professor of Management Information Systems, Queen's University


1. Introduction
2. Organizational and Business Context
3. Interactive Technologies
4. Ergonomic Engineering
5. Cognitive Engineering
6. Affective Engineering
7. Evaluation
8. Design Principles and Guidelines
9. Tasks in Organizational Context
10. Componential Design
11. HCI Development Methodology
12. Interpersonal - Relationship, Collaboration and Organization
13. Social and Global Issues
14. Meeting the Changing Needs of IT Development and Use


For the last several years, Ping Zhang has been an indefatigable proponent for HCI in the IS discipline. She has organized tracks at the major IS conferences, published research in prominent journals, and is now pushing to add the course to the required IS curriculum. She has become the "face of HCI" in the IS community. Ping earned her PhD in MIS at UT-Austin and teaches at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University.
Her co-authors Dov Te'eni and Jane Carey have been writing in the area for many years. Te'eni received his PhD in MIS from Tel Aviv University and teaches at Bar Ilan University in Israel. He spent several years teaching at Case Western and has been a visiting professor at Yale and NYU, Oxford and Warwick in the UK, and Waterloo in Canada. He is well connected to the worldwide IS community and attends all major IS conferences. Carey received her PhD at the University of Mississippi and teaches at ASU-West after four years at Texas A&M.

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