The Rise of the Western World

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Juli 1976



In some respects this is intended to be a revolutionary book, but in other respects it is very traditional indeed. It is revolutionary in that we have developed a comprehensive analytical framework to examine and explain the rise of the Western world; a framework consistent with and complementary to standard neo-classical economic theory. Since the book is written to be understandable (and hopefully interesting) for those without prior economic training, we have avoided the jargon of the profession and attempted to be as clear and as straightforward as possible.


Preface; Part I. Theory and Overview: 1. The issue; 2. The overview; Part II. 900-1500: 3. Property rights in land and man; 4. Economic conditions at the end of the Early Middle Ages; 5. The High Middle Ages: a fronier movement; 6. Thirteenth-century Europe; 7. The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries; Part III. 1500-1700: 8. Fiscal policy and property rights; 9. The Early Modern period; 10. France and Spain - the also-rans; 11. The Netherlands and successful economic growth; 12. England; Epilogue; Bibliography; Index.
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