Crime Television

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September 2006



Covers the history of detective and police shows from the early days of Dragnet, through the genre's various transformations in the 70s and 80s, and up to its recent revival behind such shows as Law & Order and C.S.I.


DOUGLAS SNAUFFER is a regular contributor to magazines including Starlog and Fangoria, and a frequent writer on various television-related subjects for several publications. He is also a former writer and producer of original shows for the Sci-Fi Network.


"Snauffer writes on television and film for a number of publications and has written and produced for TV. In this book he offers a chronological examination of the history and evolution of television's prolific crime genre. In chapters organized by decade, he traces the genesis of 1950s shows like "Dragnet" from radio detective dramas, then discusses the many successful series that followed including "Charlie's Angels, The Mod Squad, " and "Columbo, Law & Order, CSI, " and "24", among many others. Interviews with "The Rockford FileS" creator and other insiders augment the author's own first-hand research of the processes, politics, and final products of 50 years worth of crime television. Twenty-six B&W stills from various series are included." - Reference & Research Book News
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