Recreating Hopewell

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April 2006



Two thousand years ago, the Hopewell culture dominated much of eastern North America and left behind earthwork and other artifacts that continue to fascinate archaeologists. Recreating Hopewell--the first comprehensive overview of Hopewell archaeology published in a generation--represents more than two decades of new research into the vast world of the moundbuilders. This book includes contribution from scholars working at sites in the Hopewell "core" region of Ohio as well as archaeologists based in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Georgia. Their results are based on cultural resource management excavations and new analytical techniques, such as the remote sensing of unexcavated sites and chemical souring of raw material. While providing new insights from each Hopewell region's lithic, ceramic, faunal, and botanical data, this new research clearly shows the extent to which the Hopewell cultures differed across the midcontinent. Giving Hopewell a broader context than previously understood, the authors tie prehistory to historic Indian activities, beliefs, and customs. Scholars interested in the archaeology of eastern North America, especially those working on the juncture of ceremony and settlement, will welcome this important volume.


Douglas K. Charles, professor of anthropology and archaeology at Wesleyan University, is coeditor of Theory, Method, and Practice in Modern Archaeology. Jane E. Buikstra, professor of bioarchaeology and the director of the Center for Bioarchaeological Research, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University, is coauthor of The Bioarchaeology of Tuberculosis: A Global View on a Reemerging Disease (UPF).

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