Big Dish: Building America's Deep Space Connection to the Planets

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April 2005



The astonishing success of the United States quest to explore space depends upon NASA's visionary Deep Space Network (DSN), a communications grid that provides the backbone of antennas and satellite links that track and control spacecraft launched from Earth. Douglas J. Mudgway participated in developed and operation of the DSN from its infancy in the 1960s to its maturity in the 1990s, and he quent failures that beset the engineers who turned the initial vision into reality. Set against the Cold War race for technical supremacy in space this well illustrated book offers an uprecedented inside view of the antennas that have been indispensable in missions to the farthest reaches of our solar system.


Douglas J. Mudgway is an independent consultant for NASA on the history of deep space planetary communications. After thirty years active service at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, he retired in 1991 and received the NASA Exceptional Achievement medal. He is author of Uplink-Downlink: A History of the Deep Space Network, 1957-1997.

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