The Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Workbook: Your Program for Regaining Cognitive Function & Overcoming Emotional Pain

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November 2004



Written by a specialist in cognitive impairments, this is the only book for those with a mild traumatic brain injury that is designed to help them overcome emotional pain and regain their mental capabilities. For the first time ever, this book assembles facts about MTBI together with a research-based program that readers can use to overcome the disadvantages of traumatic brain injury. This book addresses the emotional issues that often accompany MTBI, especially anxiety and depression. You will learn basic self-help strategies to counteract specific emotional problems that may be caused by the injury. The four later chapters discuss the four major domains of cognitive function and ways in which individuals can challenge their limitations and repair specific brain functions. The book concludes with an exploration of the various potential long-term effects of MTBI and the outside resources available to assist readers.


"This book is just a small demonstration of Mason's ability to use research in an effort to help teach professionals about traumatic brain injury and cognitive disorders. I am sure his peers will be interested in this piece of written work, as it contains credible content that accurately reflects the future of cognitive therapy."
--Paul M. Johns, director of rehabilitation and brain injury rehabilitation services at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center at Orlando Regional Sand Lake Hospital
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