Daily Life During the American Revolution

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September 2003



How did the patriot army dress themselves? What was the British soldier's food ration and what were women's roles during the revolution? This engaging and informative resource on the social and material history of the Revolutionary War period answers these and many other questions.


?How did the patriot army dress? What were women's roles? How large were the naval vessels of the day? How many loyalists were there during the revolution? Utilizing collections of personal letters, diaries, and journals or less prominent persons who lived through the war, the reader is given a gimpse into the daily life of those who lived during the Revolution....Highly recommended for school and public libraries seeking to provide unbiased or original source explanations of this important time in American history....Recommended for school libraries where students utilize study time to explore specific topics. Public libraries serving home schoolers and having elementary students who explore the history and social conditions of the 18th century America will find these volumes ones students can readily use on of their own.?-Christian Library Journal
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