Autism and Sensing

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Expanding on themes of her previous book, Autism: An Inside-Out Approach, Donna Williams explains how the senses of a person with autism work, suggesting that they are 'stuck' at an early development stage common to everyone. She calls this the system of sensing, claiming that most people move on to the system of interpretation which enables them to make sense of the world. In doing so, as well as gaining the means of coping with the world, they lose various abilities which people with autism retain.


Foreword. Introduction.
1. Origins.
2. Who's Me?
3. The Essence of 'Social'.
4. The Everything of Nothing.
5. The Mechanics of Sensing.
6. In Resonance (Resonance).
7. Giving Self a Chance to Answer.
8. The Getting of Clever.
9. 'Seeing Ghosts'.
10. War or Growth?
11. Blah Blah and Ideas.
12. Progress?
13. Beyond an Exchange of Cultures.
14. Multiplicity.
15. Psychic?
16. Why Nobody's Talking.
17. Mechanics Problems.
18. Imagine.


Donna Williams was born in Australia in 1963.She was assessed at age two as psychotic, labeled disturbed and tested for deafness throughout childhood before being diagnosed as autistic in 1990. Today she is an internationally best-selling author with nine published books, an artist, singer-songwriter and emerging screenwriter. One of the most well known people with autism in the world, Donna is a renowned international public speaker, a qualified teacher and has worked as an autism consultant since 1995.
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