Raising a Child Who Has a Physical Disability

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April 1995



Parenting a child who has a physical disability can be complicated.This book will make your job easier.Compassionate, helpful, and based on real-life experience, it will help you handle every facet of raising and loving your special child, including: Finding the right physical and mental health professionals Solving stressful situations within the familyBoosting your child's confidence and self-esteem Developing a proper support team you can trust Dealing with hospitalizations and emergencies Handling medical equipment at home Managing medications, special diets, and hygiene needs Getting a reluctant school district to meet your child's educational needs Selecting a guardian or arranging for long-term custodial care You'll also find information about school placement options, the Individualized Education Program (IEP) and lists of medical specialists, organizations, and government programs that offer help for children with physical needs.


"YOUR CHILD HAS A PROBLEM". The Diagnostic Process. When to Get a Second Opinion. Learning to Live with It. Should You Consult a Psychological Therapist? Building Your Medical Team. GETTING ON WITH LIFE. Day-to-Day Coping Strategies. Living Life to the Fullest. School Daze. Keeping Good Records. Choosing Medical Equipment and Suppliers. Planning for Emergencies. Handling Your Child's Hospitalizations. When Home Is Away from Home. DETAILS OF DAILY LIVING. Personal Hygiene. Skin Care and Protection. Handling Medications and Food Restrictions. Choosing Attractive, Functional Clothing. Responsibilities You Must Fulfill. Appendices. Index.


DONNA G. ALBRECHT is a past president of the San Francisco Bay Area Muscular Dystrophy Association Executive Committee. She founded a parent support network, and physicians in many hospitals refer families to her for peer counseling. In addition, she has been actively working in community, educational, and medical settings for two decades to help children who have physical disabilities.
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