Power: Where Is It?

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Mai 2010



Has power moved out of institutions into the hands of powerful individuals?


Preface; Introduction; 1 Globalization: I Am Not to Blame, the Devil Made Me Do It; 2 The Private Sector: Someone Now Has Power, but Who?; 3 Power Operating above the Fray; 4 The Shifting Power of Persuasion: Political Parties, the Media, Permanent Political Campaigns, and Polls; 5 When Transparency Meets Power; 6 Revisiting Governing from the Centre; 7 The New Bureaucrats: Short-Order Cooks; 8 Soft Power: Who Has It?; 9 Our Institutions Are Melting the Canadian Way: With a Whisper, Not a Bang; 10 Looking to Personalism for Answers; 11 The Setting or the Individual? Notes; Index


Donald J. Savoie holds the Canada Research Chair in Public Administration and Governance and is a professor of public administration at Universite de Moncton.


"[Power: Where Is It] is an important book... [it] draws attention to fundamental problems which every modern democracy will have to confront." - Vernon Bogdanor, Times Literary Supplement, March 2011 "Power - Where is it? is both compelling and depressing. A fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, and professor of public administration at Canada's Universite de Moncton, he searches out power in the Westminster-style democracies - Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand - and in America... He says our political institutions "have come off their moorings" and his analysis makes gripping reading... [T]he sheer scope of his canvas is impressive, as is his detailed, anecdotal knowledge of Anglo American governments and their inadequacies. His thought-provoking account of the state of western democracy pinpoints what must be a fundamental weakness. We now have a cacophony of centres of influence all vying to be heard and it is increasingly difficult to find out who is in charge." - Sue Cameron, Financial Times "Donald Savoie advances the study of political power by considering vital issues in contemporary Western democracies, while providing excellent insights in an engaging style. This is an ambitious undertaking and will spark a necessary debate." -Peter Aucoin, Department of Political Science, Dalhousie University "An astute and accomplished specialist of government, Donald Savoie has one of the most comprehensive understandings of our system of government. The extensive conversations with senior government and private sector officials included in this book are helpful and revealing. Power offers pertinent reflections on how democracy has evolved in this age of public distrust, globalization and world-market economy." -Robert Asselin, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa
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