Knowledge and the Scholarly Medical Traditions

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November 1995



This collection of essays offers a historical and cross-cultural examination of medical knowledge.


List of illustrations; List of contributors; Acknowledgements; 1. Scholarly ways of knowing: an introduction Don Bates; Part I. Scholarly Medicine in the West: 2. Epistemological arguments in early Greek medicine in comparativist perspective G. E. R. Lloyd; 3. Autopsia, historia and what women know: the authority of women in Hippocratic gynaecology Lesley Dean-Jones; 4. The growth of medical empiricism Robert James Hankinson; 5. Scholarship and social context: a medical case from the eleventh-century Near East Lawrence I. Conrad; 6. The experience of the book: manuscripts, texts, and the role of epistemology in early medieval medicine Faith Wallis; 7. Artifex factivus sanitatis: health and medical care in medieval Latin Galenism Luis Garcia-Ballester; 8. Epistemology and learned medicine in early modern England Andrew Wear; Part II. Chinese Traditional Medicine: 9. Text and experience in classical Chinese medicine Nathan Sivin; 10. Visual knowledge in classical Chinese medicine Shigehisa Kuriyama; 11. A deathly disorder: understanding women's health in late imperial China Francesca Bray; 12. Re-writing traditional medicine in post-Maoist China Judith Farquhar; Part III. Ayurvedic Medicine: 13. Writing the body and ruling the land: Western reflections on Chinese and Indian medicine Margaret Trawick; 14. The scholar, the wise man, and universals: three aspects of Ayurvedic medicine Francis Zimmerman; 15. The epistemological carnival: meditations on disciplinary intentionality and Ayurveda Lawrence Cohen; Part IV. Commentaries: 16. Commentary Amos Funkenstein; 17. Commentary Allan Young; Index.


"...the book encloses rich lodes of scholarship which the explorer can mine with profit, receiving not only new information but flashes of new insight, according to his or her own background." Lester S. King, Journal of the History of Medicine
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