The Cambridge History of American Theatre

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Volume 3 of this authoritative and wide-ranging history of American theater examines the theater after World War II, through Broadway and beyond, as well as regional theater across the country. Contributors also analyze new directions in theater design, directing, and acting, as well as key plays and playwrights through the 1990s.


Introduction Christopher Bigsby; Timeline: post-World War II to 1998 Don B. Wilmeth and Jonathan Curley; 1. American theatre in context: 1945- present Arnold Aronson; 2. A changing theatre: Broadway to the regions Broadway Laurence Maslon; Off- and off-off Broadway Mel Gussow; Regional/resident theatre Martha Lomonaco; Alternative theatre Marvin Carlson; 3. The plays and playwrights: plays and playwrights: 1945-1970 June Schlueter; Plays and playwrights since 1970 Matthew Roudane; 4. Musical theatre since World War II John Degen; 5. Directors and direction Samuel L. Leiter; 6. Actors and acting Foster Hirsch; 7. American theatre design since 1945 Ronn Smith.


'Nowhere has the American theatre been treated to such a thorough discussion of its culture, plays and players, directors, designers, architects and producers, also encompassing the development and transformation of the theatre within the country's changing social and political climate.' Michael Whitlatch, Journal of Theatre Research International 'All three volumes have greatly contributed to a better understanding of the American theatre as a reflection of the changing political, social and cultural face of the United States.' Michael Whitlatch, Journal of Theatre Research International 'Wilmeth and Bigsby's history is the finest written about the American theatre in many years. A must for all college and university libraries.' Choice
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