Expert ASP.Net 2.0 Advanced Application Design

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* This book surveys the different technologies and servers that are available for you to use with ASP.NET and maps the "Quality Attributes" of Application Architecture for these different servers.
* The author has been using ASP.NET since the technology preview of the .NET 1.0 Framework. He has put scores of ASP.NET applications into production for large enterprise companies and universities.
* This book is written with today's technology, with an eye on the future.


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Dominic Selly is an Intertech trainer and consultant. He is a frequent presenter at VSLive, Connections, and SD Expo conferences. He is also a co-author of Visual Basic .NET at Work (Wiley, ISBN: 0-47138-631-6) and has been creating software for over a dozen years. Selly has also been teaching developers for many years, in topics including ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, XML, Visual Basic, ASP, and SQL Server. He is the author of a five day ASP.NET course, and co-created the Web Application Development Certificate program offered at George Washington University in DC.
Before life at Intertech, Selly was the Technical Architect at Capella University in Minneapolis. He created Capella's .NET practice, bringing their first ASP.NET application into production while the Framework was still in Beta, and playing the central role in creating another half dozen N-tiered .NET applications, including the award winning 2-Minute Advisor


From the reviews:
"ASP.NET is Microsoft's approach to developing dynamic and interactive Web-based applications. ... it is for programmers or other interested people who want a breadth-first view of application design. ... The authors do an excellent job and cover the material concisely and effectively. In conclusion, this book is for learning about enterprise automation with ASP.NET. I recommend it to intermediate-level readers who are interested in enterprise-level application design in .NET." (Rajani S. Sadasivam, ACM Computing Reviews, Vol. 49 (4), April, 2008)
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