Recollection and Experience: Plato's Theory of Learning and Its Successors

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Januar 2002



This book approaches theories about learning in the history of philosophy, especially ancient philosophy.


Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; General introduction; Part I. Platonic Recollection: Introduction; 1. The Meno; 2. Recollection in the middle period; Part II. Aristotelian Experience: Introduction; 3. The rejection of innatism; 4. Levels of learning; 5. Discovery and continuity in science; 6. Discovery and continuity in ethics; Appendix to Part II - perception of the universal; Part III. Hellenistic Concepts: Introduction; 7. Hellenistic philosophy and common sense; 8. Innateness in the Hellenistic era; Interim conclusions; Part IV. Innatism in the Seventeenth Century: Introduction; 9. The inner core and mortar of our thoughts; 10. Locke and the posture of blind credulity; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index of ancient passages; General index.


"Scott argues skillfully... A stirring conclusion..." International Studies in Philosophy "The breadth of the discussion is quite great. It will behoove anyone interested in the notion of innateness to look at this book." Allen Silverman, Bryn Mawr Classical Review "Dominic Scott's Recollection and Experience reminds us all of the richness of ancient philosophy and its legacy on the subsequent history of philosophy, particularly the 17th century." David Glidden, Ancient Philosophy
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