Critical Behavior of Non-ideal Systems

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Juli 2008



This comprehensive systematic overview covers the static and dynamic critical phenomena of real, non-ideal fluids in the nearest vicinity of the critical point, offers new approaches and presents research results on the highest level. Including both theoretical and experimental researches, it also deals with the critical opalescence as phenomenon with continuously growing scattering multiplicity upon approaching the critical point.


I The Statics of Critical Phenomena
1 Statics of Critical Phenomena in the Nearest Vicinity of the Critical Point: Experimental Manifestation
2 Critical Indices and Amplitudes
3 Thermodynamics of the Metastable State
II The Dynamics of Critical Phenomena
4 Foundations of Critical Dynamics
5 Critical Opalescence: Modelling
6 Critical Opalescence: Theory and Experiment
7 Thermal Conductivity in the Vicinity of the Critical Point
8 Appendices: Some Applications of the Photon Correlation Technique


Dmitry Yu. Ivanov is a professor at the Baltic State Technical University (St. Petersburg, Russia). His research focuses on thermodynamics, critical phenomena and phase transitions, theoretical and experimental investigations of multiple light scattering and correlation spectroscopy in application to Material Science and critical phenomena. His research activities included projects at the Nuclear Research Center in Dubna and Krichevsky Laboratory (Russia) and at the CNRS laboratories and Universities of Paris and Nice (France). He has authored about 70 scientific publications.
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