Little Adsorption Book: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists

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This unique approach to the basic concepts of adsorption is written for students, engineers, scientists, and others who need a clear presentation of adsorption processes. Unlike other texts on this subject, which are written for the specialist and rely heavily on advanced mathematics, this unique book helps you solve everyday problems in applications of adsorption, without complex mathematics or computers. The author, a recognized expert in the field, gives you a quick introduction to the underlying physics of absorption and explains how to apply adsorption to solve analytical and design problems. Rich with practical examples and enhanced by illustrations that support the text, this refreshingly straightforward presentation helps you cut through the complexities of adsorption to find fast answers to pressing real-world questions.


Introduction. Equilibrium Effects-Single Component Isothermal Systems: Equilibrium Isotherms. Simple Mass Balances for Type I Isotherms. General Column Operation. Column Sorption for Type I Isotherms. Column Sorption for Type III Isotherms. Column Sorption for Linear Isotherms. Column Sorption for Inflecting Isotherms. Equilibrium Effects-The Binary Langmuir Case: Binary Adsorption and Desorption. Creative Doodling: Prediction of Various Binary Adsorption Profiles. Mutual Displacement of Individual Components. Equilibrium Effects-Adiabatic Sorption: Magnitude of Temperature Rise DT Qualitative. Interaction of Temperature and Concentration Fronts. Representation in the q-Y Diagram. Design Equations, Minimum Bed and Purge Requirements. Maximum Enrichment Attainable in Hot Purge Desorption. Steam Regeneration. Equilibrium Effects-Multicomponent Sorption: Linear Isothermal Systems. Nonlinear Isothermal Systems. Equilibrium Effects-Linear Chromatography: General Features. Adsorption Equilibria: Henry Constants. Sorption Saturation Capacities. Sorption with Transport Resistance: General Features. The Separation Factor r. Transport Coefficients. The Design Charts. Conditions for Preventing Instantaneous Breakthrough. Grafting of Transport Effects onto Equilibrium Theory (No Transport Resistance). Conditions for the Attainment of Sharp Sorption Fronts. Nomenclature. Bibliography. Figures Titles. Index.
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