Japanese Multinational Companies: Management and Investment Strategies

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Provides an analysis of the management and investment strategies of Japanese multinational companies, examining foreign investment from a Japanese perspective by studying international business practices and the behaviour of multinational companies in the global environment.


Chapter headings and selected papers: The Authors. International Capital Flows. Recent trends in international capital flows. Characteristics of international capital inflows. The role of international mergers and acquisitions. Global Environments for Japanese Multinational Companies. Political economy of the relationships between multinational companies and governments. International business law regarding foreign investments. Economic rationales for incentives and disincentives to foreign investment. Domestic Environments for Japanese Companies. The cultural environment of multinational business. Competitive strategies of Japanese companies. Financial system in Japan: implications of deregulations and entry of foreign financial institutions. Expansion of Japanese Foreign Investments. Developments since 1980. Portfolio investments in the United States and Europe. Impacts of a recent crisis in Japan and East Asia on foreign direct investment. Japanese Foreign Investments Strategies and Their Impacts. Objectives of Japanese foreign direct investments. Effects on trade between Japan and host countries in Asia. Impacts on the domestic economy of Japan. Strategic Planning Process in Japanese Multinational Corporations. Functional strategies in multinational corporations. Organizational characteristics of multinational corporations. External analysis at industry level in multinational corporations. Human Resources Management of Japanese Multinational Companies. Analysis of the international division of leadership. Leadership behaviours and styles. Difference between Japanese and Western leadership styles.

Pressestimmen in-depth analysis of the management and investment strategies of Japanese multinational companies, replete with statistics and trend graphs... Reference & Research Book News
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