The National Integration of Italian Return Migration, 1870 1929

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Juli 2002



This book examines return migration to Italy from the United States from 1870 to 1929.


Acknowledgments; Introduction: emigration and the process of national integration; 1. The difficult task of national integration; 2. A blueprint for change; 3. The southern ethos; 4. The national debate; 5. Return migration; 6. American remittances; 7. Investing American savings; 8. regional differences; 9. Return and retirement; Conclusion: national integration and return migration; Notes; Index.


"This book does well to raise so many questions that continue to need answering, and the role of regional differences is a fascinationg one." Journal of American Ethnic History " interesting and insightful study of Italian emigration and return migration in the late nineteenth century." American Historical Review "Where Cinel's book is most successful is in assembling the most exhaustive documentation yet available on the economic prospects awaiting southern returnees and on the extent to which their savings (ranging from modest to substantial), besides translating into improved working and living conditions, could ignite an economic takeoff in the South. Particularly praiseworthy is the author's decision to break down the data at a regional level, thus making readers more aware of the socio-economic diversity existing in the Italian South." Bruno Ramirez, Journal of American History
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