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MODERN DRUMMING is a practical educational concept that has been proven through many years of teaching and is ideally suited for both drum lessons and self-study. Next to the motivational aspect and the fun of making music, the pedagogic and didactic aspect of truly meaningfully and effectively conveying the contents is the primary focus.Intended for drummers of all levels from beginners to advanced players, MODERN DRUMMING 1 consolidates the most important factors of modern drumming and provides an effective methodology for learning all relevant musical styles. Much value is placed on the advancement of your creativity and the development of your own style.MODERN DRUMMING 1 teaches all standard rhythms used in modern music, covering virtually all musical styles: rock, pop, hard rock, heavy metal, jazz, Latin, fusion, R&B, funk, hip-hop, jungle, house, drums 'n' bass etc. There is also a chapter on fills and licks, and double bass drum technique is covered extensively, as are the relevant rudiments. The book is conceived in such a way that you are not forced to struggle with monotonous exercises forever, but can quickly begin playing rhythms and fills on the drum set. Several drum solos, as well as play-along songs recorded by a live band, allow you to practically apply what you've learned: you begin making music right away, just like in a band."Of all the drums books I've seen today, this drum school with CD ist the absolute top" (musicmagazine Workshop)


About this Book.
The Drum Set.
How to Tune your Drum Set.
The Drum Notation.
The Rhythmic Note Value.
How to Hold the Stick with Your Hand.
Foot Techniques.
The Timing.
The Metronome.
The Counting.
Applicable and Hands-On Exercises.
Part 1
Standard Rhythms.
Rock. Hi-hat: eighth notes.
Slow Rock. Hi-hat: sixteenth notes, one-handed.
Philly Sound. Hi-hat: sixteenth notes, both hands.
Variations of Snare Drum and Bass Drum.
Snare Drum Ghost Notes.
Blues Rock.Hi-hat: triplet eighth notes.
12/8 Rhythms.
Half-Time Shuffle.
SlowiRock/Funk.Hi-hat: quarter notes.
Off Beat Funk/Rock.Hi-hat: eighth notes played at beat "+".
Funk Systems.
A number of different patterns played on hi-hat and ride cymbal.
Using Systems and Reading Exercises for Rhythms.
Reading Exercise.
Part 2
The Different Note Values and their Use for Drummers.
Fill Ins Paradiddle.
Accents: Application on the Drum Set.
Reading Exercises.
Samples of Combinations.
LickHi-Hat Technique "open" and "close".
Part 3
Combinations of Rhythms + Fill-Ins.
Part 4
Double Bass Drum.
Part 5
Popular Standard Rhythms.
Latin, World & Ethnic Rhythms.
Part 6
Drum Solos - Some Notes.
Solo 1: "Take It".
Solo 2: "Facet".
Solo 3: "Take The Blues".
Solo 4: "Groove It".
Solo 5: "HardControl".
Part 7
Play-Along Songs.
Some Notes.
Song 1: "Wild Rockin' ".
Song 2: "California Sunshine".
Song 3: "I've Got The Blues".
Song 4: "L.A. Groove".
Song 5: "Play The Blues.
Song 6: "Hidden Target".
Song 7: "All Day Long".
Song 8: "Metal Battle".
Part 8
Rudiments - Introduction.
The Rudiments.
Sound Properties of Drums, Heads, Cymbals and Sticks.
Hearing Care Practice.
E-Drums/Roland V-Drums.
Music Magazines worth Buying.
Recommended Books.


Diethard Stein studied drums at the Music Academy of Cologne, institute Wuppertal and played as one of Germany's most in-demand musicians with many top national and international artists. Diethard also works as a drum teacher and as workshop author for the german drum magazine STICKS. His drum books in the MODERN DRUMMING series are meanwhile considered to be the standard textbooks Europe-wide for drum lessons. He also organized the Leverkusen Jazz Days festival for several years as chairman of the board. Diethard Stein plays Sonor drums, Roland V-Drums and Anatolian


During the last decade, the importance of the drum set in modern music, such as rock music or jazz, has been ever increasing, making it one of today's key instruments. The musicians' permanent quest for advancing their individual musical styles has brought about novel ways of making music, with characteristic playing styles and techniques. Percussionists, such as Jon Bonham, Billy Cobham, Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, Steve Gadd, Terry Bozzio, Vinnie Colaiuta and others, have provided this process with guidance, and their play has influenced and stimulated entire generations of drummers.This book is to provide a systematic overview of modern drumming and wants to lend you a hand in getting to know all the different styles of drumming.One reason, why many good drummers have at some point become really good percussionists, is because, in the course of their career, they have focused on what they actually wanted to play or express through their music, instead of trying to reproduce what other musicians had played before. This book is therefore also seeking to serve as the groundwork and source of inspiration from which you can develop your own unique style. To make the reading of this book and the practicing of your drum set a real treat, I would like to provide you with some useful tips as to the working with MODERN DRUMMING 1.MODERN DRUMMING 1 is structured in a way to save you uninspiring lectures and allow you instead to quickly perform rhythms and drum fills and get a head start on "making real music".You are not required to go through this book chapter by chapter. Depending on your interests, you may pick the ones that suit you best and go for them.If you are a bloody beginner or want to check your current level of playing or reading notes, you might start with the basics along with Part 1 and 2. There, a few introductory lessons will prepare you for working with Part 3 and play-along songs.

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