Fractures of the Distal Radius

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As the incidence of distal radius fractures increases, so too does the importance of this classic volume. Fully revised and expanded, with new illustrations and radiographs and new chapters on the distal radioulnar joint, late complications and future fracture techniques, no orthopaedic surgeon can be without this comprehensive and complete guide to the treatment of what are remarkably complex injuries.


1. The Fracture of the Distal End of the Radius: An Historical Perspective.
2. Epidemiology, Mechanism, Classification.
3. Functional and Radiographic Anatomy.
4. Surgical Techniques.
5. Extraarticular Bending Fractures.
6. Articular Marginal Shearing Fractures.
7. Compression Fractures of the Articular Surface.
8. Radiocarpal Fracture-dislocation.
9. Complex Fractures of the Distal Radius, Type V.
10. Malunion of the Distal End of the Radius.
11. Early Complications.
12. Acute and Chronic Derangement of the Distal Radioulnar Joint Associated with Distal Radius Fracture.


From the reviews of the second edition:
"This book remains an impressive and comprehensive work on the subject with over 400 illustrations and many interesting quotations which punctuate and enhance the well-written text. Perhaps one of the greatest strengths of the book is that it shows us that, maybe there is much more we can learn about these common, but sometimes very debilitating injuries, and hopefully our patients will benefit accordingly." (Peter Lunn, The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, Vol. 86 B (4), 2004)
"The 'Book' on the management of distal radius fracture! The second edition of a well known book reviewing the different types of fractures. The various treatments are discussed upon their own experience (European and USA). ... The last chapter upon the derangement of the distal radioulnar joint is very interesting. Finally a book for all orthopedists." (Alain Graftiaux, European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology, Vol. 13 (3), 2003)
"This is a very complete book about fractures of the distal radius. The historical perspective is very pleasant to read. Of course, all the classifications are described as well as the functional anatomy and the iconography. ... This is a very interesting book, with a rich bibliography. I would recommend it to all surgeons treating radius fractures as well as to residents in training." (P. Putz, Acta Orthopaedica Belgica, Vol. 69 (2), 2003)
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