The Selling Sound: The Rise of the Country Music Industry

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Dezember 2007



Industry history of the country music business.


Diane Pecknold is a Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar in the Commonwealth Center for Humanities and Society at the University of Louisville. She is a coeditor of "A Boy Named Sue: Gender and Country Music."


"I know of no other book in the realm of country music scholarship quite like this one, and I can think of few topics more deserving or neglected. Focusing on country music since it first emerged as a commercial entity in the 1920s, Diane Pecknold argues that commercialism itself has been a means of establishing the music's legitimacy in the world of American popular entertainment. I applaud Pecknold's originality and creativity. All country music scholars should embrace this book and its ideas."--Bill C. Malone, author of Don't Get above Your Raisin': Country Music and the Southern Working Class "The Selling Sound is the best book on country music that I have ever read. It is an important, valuable, and pleasurable book, likely to set the standard for years to come. Diane Pecknold brings the past alive, painting a rich picture of the cultures of consumption behind the stars and songs that comprise most historical studies of popular music."--Aaron A. Fox, author of Real Country: Music and Language in Working-Class Culture "A thorough and thoughtful historical account of how country music was 'made to mean' by fans, producers, and social critics. Diane Pecknold offers a definitive analysis of how the genre's status and values are intimately connected to commercialism and 'consumer democracy.' A remarkable contribution to our understanding of how social class, cultural authority, and mass mediation shape the meanings of popular music."--Joli Jensen, author of The Nashville Sound: Authenticity, Commercialization, and Country Music "Any intelligent reader will enjoy The Selling Sound. Tackling an element of country music that few other writers have addressed, Diane Pecknold redefines the relationship between the 'financial economy' and 'cultural economy.'"--David Sanjek, coauthor of Pennies from Heaven: The American Popular Music Business in the Twentieth Century "The Selling Sound is a wide and fascinating account of the rise of the country music industry... a wonderful exploration of the many factors that contributed to the development of the most popular radio format in the US and one of the country's leading cultural exports."--Times Higher Education, 3 April 2008
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