Fire and Blood: Rubies in Myth, Magic, and History

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November 2007



Morgan acquaints readers with the mineralogy, history, and magical associations of rubies.


"This is another interesting contribution by Morgan that, like her recent work on emeralds (From Satan's Crown to the Holy Grail, CH, Oct '07, 45-0887), combines a mixture of technical information (and misinformation) with a major dollop of the nontechnical. This book discussing the nature, genesis, properties, sources, economics, history, legends, myths, and magic of rubies has much to commend....The author's explanations of rather complex mineralogical concepts are well presented in a fashion that should assure a maximum level of understanding for the nonscientist. Furthermore, the historical treatment of important ruby mining districts and famous gems attributed to them is thorough and informative, as is a general evaluation of ruby mining methods and traditions. A current, in-depth chapter on synthetic and fake stones should prove useful to anyone with a serious interest in rubies. An extensive review of mythological anecdotes provides fascinating light reading....Suitable for nonprofessionals, those associated with the gems industry, and readers interested in the historical and related aspects of rubies. Summing Up: Recommended. General readers/libraries." - Choice
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