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The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is a European-wide qualification that enables you to demonstrate your competence in computer skills. It covers a range of specific knowledge areas and skill sets, broken down into seven modules. Module 7: Information and Communication is divided into two main sections. The first covers basic Web search tasks using a Web browser and search engine tools. The second addresses the use of electronic mail software to send and receive messages, to attach documents, and to organise and manage message folders and directories. This study guide covers all the knowledge areas and skills required to understand and pass Module 7 of the ECDL syllabus. Throughout we have used clear, jargon free, self-paced exercises to provide you with an understanding of all the key elements to prepare you for the ECDL Test.


Getting Started on the Internet: First Steps with the Internet. Adjust Basic Settings.- Web Navigation: Accessing a Web Address.- Web Searching: Using a Search Engine. Printing.- Bookmarks: Create a Bookmark. Organising Bookmarks.- Getting Started with Electronic Mail: First Steps with Electronic Mail. Adjust Basic Settings.- Messaging: Send a Message. Copy, Move, Delete. Read a Message. Reply to a Message.- Addressing: Using Address Books. Messages to Several Addresses.- Message Management: Organising Messages.


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