Singapore Politics Under the People's Action Party

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August 2002



A comprehensive overview of politics in Singapore since self-governance. The authors examine how this tiny island has developed into a global financial centre and an economic and social success under the leadership of the People's Action Party which has ruled continuously since 1959. The authors explore the nature of the Singaporean government, as well as major issues such as ethnicity, human rights and the development of civil society.


1. What is Remarkable about Singapore? 2. How Singapore Became Independent: Lee Kuan Yew and the People's Action Party (PAP) 3. Locations of Power: The state and the government 4. The People's Action Party: The structure and operation of a dominant party 5. Ideology of the Leaders and for the Populace 6. Economic Policy for an Independent Singapore 7. Supplying Social Services to the People 8. The Dictates of Ethnicity: Language policy, education and self-help 9. The Successors: Leadership trends in the PAP 10. Authoritarian aspects of PAP rule 11. Elections, Electoral Innovation, and the Opposition 12. The Growth of Civil Society 13. Deterence and Diplomacy 14. Singapore in the Future


Diane K. Mauzy is Professor of Political Science at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. R.S. Milne is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of British Columbia and a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.


"Singapore's combination of policy dynamism, political authoritarianism and economic prosperity is regarded as paradoxical by many social scientists. Mauzy and Milne, in this comprehensive, judicious and informed volume, have done more to explain this paradox than any of their predecessors. "James Cotton, Australian Defense Force Academy."
"Diane Mauzy and RS Milne should be congratulated for having written this excellent book on politics in Singapore. It is in the same class as Michael Leifer's book on Singapore's Foreign Policy. "Tommy Koh, Director, The Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore."
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