Looking Forward to More Monday Mornings: How to Drive Your Colleagues Happy!

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Mai 2007



This book will provide educators with a wealth of ideas and activities that can be implemented in a school setting to promote appreciation, recognition, and fun in the work place.


Part I. Recognition & Appreciation
1. Recognizing Specific Behaviors
Rewarding Good Behavior
Attendance - Staff and Parents
Classroom Cleanliness
Peer Recognition
Positive Attitude
School Achievement
2. Group Recognition
General Recognition
Food Rewards
Symbols of Recognition
Gifts of Time
3. Individual Recognition
Special Recognition
General Recognition
Written Appreciation
Part II. Fun Ways to Spend Work Days
4. From the Beginning
New Year Starters
Choose a Theme
Get Acquainted Activities
5. Staff Meetings
Fun-Filled Staff Meetings
Getting to Know Each Other Better
Principal-Led Meetings
6. Through the Day
Food and Fun
Lunch Bunch
Just for the FUN of It
Team Challenges
For the Health of It!
7. To the End
End of the Year
End of the Year Treats
Part III. Celebrating With Coworkers
8. Caring and Sharing
Administrative Professionals Day
9. Holiday Happiness
Chinese New Year
Groundhog Day
Valentine's Day
Mardi Gras Madness
St. Patrick's Day
April Fool's Day
Cinco de Mayo
Fourth of July Celebration
Labor Day
Halloween Spooktacular Events
Winter Holiday Decorating
Holiday Gifts and Exchanges
Just for Fun
10. The 12 Days Before the Holiday/Winter Break
Community Caring Days
Secret Santa Days
Group Activities Days


Diane Hodges is the managing partner of Threshold Group, an educational consulting firm in San Diego. After 30+ years as an educator, she is sharing her insights through books and international speaking events. Her wit and humor have delighted audiences and readers everywhere. She has served as an executive director of career and technical education, director of instructional services, director of human resources, secondary principal, counselor, and instructor. She earned her doctorate from Michigan State University, has received twelve national and state awards, and is a best-selling author of eight books.


"My entire philosophy on staff development and motivation has changed since I read this book, which breathed life into my newfound style."
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