Child Patient and the Therapeutic Process

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This book examines the treatment of young children from the perspective of the therapist's clinical decisions. How does the therapist know what to do at any given moment in a session? What processes of synthesis and integration allow the therapist to choose interventions that transform the relationship between adult and child into a treatment relationship? How does the child therapist balance working with the child and working with the child's parents?


Diana Siskind, M.S.W., is a faculty member and supervisor at the New York School for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. she has served as a senior staff member at the Child Development Center, a division of the Jewish Board of Guardians, New York City, and has held faculty positions in the doctoral program in psychology at the City University of New York and the doctoral program at Smith College School for Social Work. Mrs. Siskind maintains a private practice in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy with adults, and psychotherapy with children in New York City.


Diana Siskind has written a remarkable book about complex processes involved in the treatment of young children. This book will be of great help to practitioners and therapists, as well as to teachers in Graduate schools at all levels. Smith College School Of Social Work Journal This book offers a valuable contribution to our understanding of both child psychotherapy and supervision. This book should be read by both child therapists and supervisors as well as graduate students in psychology, social work, and related professions. Contemporary Psychology: The Apa Review Of Books This book brings to the field of psychoanalysis a refreshing, wide-angle lense on the work of child psychotherapy, viewing all at once the dynamic process between supervisor, therapist, and patient. Siskind is highly skilled at weaving clinical technique with theory. This book is a toolbox, ready to be opened. Each chapter emphasizes a different aspect of a child psychotherapy. Psychoanalytic Quarterly This book is valuable not only for its contribution to the process of child treatment but also for its model of the process of supervision. Clinical Social Work Journal Valuable technique and theory unfold in this well-written text. -- Patsy Turrini, MSS This is a remarkable book, among the finest I have read on child psychotherapy. It allows the reader into the world of a master supervisor, talented therapist, and imaginative but vulnerable child. It provides verbatim transcripts of supervisory sessions (the supervisor is the author) that closely examine the process of child therapy. The volume is noteworthy for its hypnotic readability that draws the reader into its gripping and vivid clinical process. -- Jeffrey Seinfeld This book is recommended for all mental health professionals, and is of particular interest to those who are learning to do child treatment, adult therapists who would like to see what actually goes on in the child therapy process, and all supervisors who would like to witness the unfolding of a treatment and supervisory relationship in the hands of a very talented teacher and supervisor. -- Linda Gunsberg
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