A Dictionary of Pharmacology and Allied Topics

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September 1998



This dictionary spans the practice of pharmacology, and of allied sciences insofar as they are related to it, with particular emphasis on the development, regulation and use of human medicine. It is offered to students as well as to professionals in pharmacology and allied sciences for "reference" and for "browsing," and as a bedside book and travelling companion. Its size (approximately 2000 entries) is appropriate for these uses.
Features of this dictionary:
- Provides definitions of terms in pharmacology, both basic and clinical
- Gives information on new medicine development and official regulations
- Covers allied topics, including statistics, ethics, scientific miscounduct, authorship, publication and law.


Prof. Graham Dukes A dictionary like this was long needed, particularly because the meaning of most terms used in pharmacology (and a lot of other areas of medicine) has evolved and experienced sufficient mutation to cause misunderstanding. ...This is a magnificent book. Let us not say that it should be on every bookshelf; it should be so intensively used by every scientist and writer in this field that it never has time to on the bookshelf at all. The International Journal of Risk and Safety Dr. Jeffrey K. Aronson The book has a wide scope, encompassing terms in basic pharmacology and toxicology, various aspects of clinical pharmacology and drug use, some statistics and law, and a few other words thrown in for good measure (chaos, euphemism, and jargon, to pick a few at anything but random). Dip into it stochastically (q.v.) just before a tutorial and you will find some topic or other to stimulate discussion. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences
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