Hitchhikers, Hijackers, and Faceless Hackers in the Earth Realm

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In the new age occult movement, many seek demonic fortune tellers and tarot card readers and yield to the powers of darkness. Unfortunately, many in the church use dark methods without understanding they are interacting with Satan's demons. In Hitchhikers, Hijackers, and Faceless Hackers in the Earth Realm, author DeRon Hopkins addresses the deceptions of Satan and his evil devices sent to distract many within the body of Christ from hearing and moving in their God-given position with the Father.

Through scriptural examples, Hopkins shows how these dark powers seduce and manipulate many in the body of Christ because they have unknowingly left themselves accessible and uncovered. Satan's spies seek open doors to access the flesh through unidentified sin in the lives of many of God's people. She discusses that Christians must observe the holiness of God to destroy the witches and warlocks in the church; Christians must be in complete alignment with God and be a holy people belonging to God alone.

Insightful and filled with practical information for victorious living, Hitchhikers, Hijackers, and Faceless Hackers in the Earth Realm provides an in-depth knowledge of God and supernatural insight into the sacrifice that Jesus made on Calvary's cross for the sins of humanity. It declares theological and Biblical truths of what this world is facing and shall face according to the Word of God.
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