Immunity to Parasites: How Parasitic Infections Are Controlled

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An advanced undergraduate textbook which describes how hosts' immune-systems control parasitic infections.


Preface to the Second Edition; Preface to the First Edition; 1. Parasites and parasitism; 2. The immune response; 3. Experimental immunoparasitology; 4. Intracellular Protozoa; 5. African trypanosomes; 6. Schistosomes; 7. Gastrointestinal nematodes; 8. Nematodes which invade tissue; 9. Ectoparasitic arthropods; 10. Immunological control of parasitic infections; References.


'... an admirable effort to introduce undergraduate and doctoral students to the immunology of parasitic infections. Clearly written and ably illustrated ... a highly readable introduction to immunoparasitology.' Richard Locksley, Immunology Today 'This book will, I am confident, remain at the very top of the 'hit parade' of immunoparasitology textbooks and it is a must on the bookshelf of all those interested in parasitology, immunology or infectious diseases.' M. Hommel, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 'Peppered with original photomicrographs and experimental data ... useful reading for those needing general information on the ever-burgeoning field of parasite immunology.' Thomas B. Nutman, Trends in Microbiology '... the second edition of Wakelin's Immunity to Parasites represents an excellent textbook aimed at undergraduates and postgraduates interested in either parasitology or immunology as well as at medical and veterinary specialists. It was a great pleasure to teach immunoparasitology with the help of this superb, clearly written and illustrative book.' Jan Kopecky, Folia Parasitologica '... fascinating in the details of host and parasite adjustment and co-evolution.' Dennis Cotton, Biologist
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