Historical Dictionary of European Organizations

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November 1994



Offers an introduction to the complex and changing world of European international organizations.


Derek W. Urwin (BA, Keele, MA, Manchester, PhD, Strathclyde), Professor of Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen, is the author of several books and articles on European politics. His recent publications include Western Europe Since 1945 (Longman, 1989) and The Community of Europe (Longman, 1991).


Entries...are well written, informative, and cross-referenced... There is no similar work. CHOICE With the proliferation of organizations in Europe, one is likely to appreciate a compilation of handy details in a reference work. Asil This is a useful resource for journalists, students, scholars, and general readers who need accessible information on post-World War II Europe. American Reference Books Annual Above all, the writing style is clear and interweaves critical points and people. In addition, the work is extremely well organized. This book would be of use to even experts in European politics and organizations for quick reference purposes. Journal Of Common Market Studies This lucid guide is well-written, well-timed and comprehensive. It is a pleasure to read Professor Urwin's non-dictionary like prose, and constantly startling to discover new pieces of information. Diplomacy and Statecraft This lucid guide is well written, well timed and comprehensive. It has been compiled by one of the most reliable and well-informed historians of post-war Europe, whose textbooks, at the very least, will be known to every student of the period. Diplomacy and Statecrafteurope
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