Hospitality Sales and Promotion

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A guide for managers in the hospitality industry wanting to achieve maximum profits from their sales promotions. It discovers: market segments and groups; how you can reach them effectively; the secrets of successful public relations; and new and traditional technologies; from direct mail to using the Internet to maximum advantage.


The marketing plan; Organizing a sales office; Buyers and customers; Face-to-face selling; Telephone selling; The shape of things that came - the technology; Banqueting sales; Direct mail; Advertising; In-house promotion; Public relations; Special events and short break holidays.


'Not every hotel will be able to hire Taylor in person, but this book is a good way of tapping into that knowledge at one remove. It's packed with practical, usable information and advice based firmly on more than 50 years' experience of sales in the hotel industry. From writing the marketing plan to selling face-to-face or on the phone, Taylor sets out the principles in a way that will be useful for students and for established operators. But as always, he illustrates the principles with a rich mixture of practical everyday examples. an entertaining read, which general managers and sales specialists alike will be able to apply in their daily work. If you need a sales consultant in your briefcase, this could be the book for you.' - Hospitality, February 2002.
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