An Introduction to Composite Materials

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An updated edition of a textbook on composite materials for undergraduates researchers in materials science and engineering.


From the preface to first edition; Preface to second edition; 1. General introduction; 2. Fibres and matrices; 3. Fibre architecture; 4. Elastic deformation of long-fibre composites; 5. Elastic deformation of laminates; 6. Stresses and strains in short-fibre composites; 7. The interface region; 8. Strength of composites; 9. Toughness of composites; 10. Thermal behaviour of composites; 11. Fabrication; 12. Applications; Appendix: nomenclature; Author index; Subject index.


'... this second edition has returned the book to the top of my recommended reading list for the students on our BEng (Honours) Composite Materials Engineering degree. Given the low (11%) price increase relative to the paperback first edition, this book is now even better value at the new price, and should be available to all practising materials scientists/composite engineers and in the libraries of all universities where a materials science degree is taught.' John Summerscales, Composites Manufacturing
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