Treasure Island

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A re-telling of the classic story, with hands-on, interactive items to help engage younger or reluctant readers. With pull-tabs, maps, codes, secret messages, gatefolds and games. Ages: 8+.


Jim at his father's inn - the arrival of pirate Billy Bones;
Billy Bones is scared to death, Jim discovers the map and sets sail to look for the treasure;
Jim overhears plans for mutiny on the ship;
the ship reaches Treasure Island;
the mutiny begins;
Jim meets the Ben Gunn who has been alone on the island for three years;
the pirates attack;
a bloody battle rages;
Jim fights and kills a pirate;
Long John Silver and Jim in combat;
will they find the treasure;
Game - Pirate Attack!


Dereen Taylor is an experienced author of children's fiction and non-fiction. She has developed and written a wide variety of titles ranging from sticker books, joke books and activity books, to the Horrible Science series. Dereen lives in Sussex, England.
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