Faith, Reason and the Existence of God

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April 2010



Denys Turner argues that there are reasons of faith why the existence of God should be thought rationally demonstrable and that it is worthwhile revisiting the theology of Thomas Aquinas to see why. The proposition that the existence of God is demonstrable by rational argument is doubted by nearly all philosophical opinion today and is thought by most Christian theologians to be incompatible with Christian faith. Turner's robust challenge to the prevailing orthodoxies will be of interest to believers as well as non-believers.


Part I. The 'Shape' of Reason: 1. Clarifications and issues; 2. Negative theology and natural theology; 3. The darkness of God and the light of Christ; 4. Intellect; 5. Reason and rhetoric; 6. The 'shape' of reason; Part II. Univocity, Difference, and 'Onto-theology': 7. Univocity and inference: Duns Scotus; 8. God, grammar, and difference; 9. Existence and God; Part III. Inference, and the Existence of God: 10. Analogy and inference; 11. Why anything?; 12. Refusing the question; 13. The God of reason and the God of Christ.


Denys Turner is Norris-Hulse Professor of Divinity and Fellow of Peterhouse, University of Cambridge. He is the author of Marxism and Christianity (1983), Eros and Allegory (1995), The Darkness of God (CUP, 1995) and Faith Seeking (2002).


'Professor Turner here offers an elegant and sophisticated defence of the conciliar teaching against detractors of both Catholic and Protestant sympathies. ... read this book for some of the fems it contains ...'. Church Times '... remarkable ... a major contribution to Catholic theology.' International Journal of Systematic Theology 'Advanced students of natural theology, theological language and Aquinas will find this an immensely stimulating read.' Themelios '... there is much to learn from Turner's work. It should be particularly appealing to those interested in Radical Orthodoxy, natural theology and the thought of Thomas Aquinas.' Scottish Journal of Theology
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