Urban Astronomy

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Februar 2004



Denis Berthier has spent thirty years observing the night sky from within a city and his practical guide will enable amateur astronomers to observe and photograph stars, planets and other celestial objects from their own town. It is becoming more and more difficult to find an observing site with clear, dark skies away from light and industrial pollution. However, by choosing the right targets to observe, with patience and simple equipment, amateur astronomers can still find observing from towns and cities to be a rewarding hobby. Denis Berthier is the French journalist who has been passionate about astronomy for the last thirty years. He has been Laureate of the French Association for Astronomy and has published numerous papers on astronomical photography and instrument construction.


Introduction; 1. Starting out without fear; 2. Observing equipment; 3. The sky above the roof-tops; 4. Season by season - what to observe; 5. How to look after your equipment; Tables.


Denis Berthier is a French journalist who has been passionate about astronomy for the last thirty years.


'The bane of any budding astronomer in London or Los Angeles - or any big city - is light pollution from roads, houses, offices and their ilk illuminating the night sky. But Denis Berthier encourages us to put exasperation aside.' New Scientist 'Not everyone has the luxury of a really dark observing site or has the time to travel long distances to find unpolluted skies. This guide shows what can be achieved from small urban back gardens and even city balconies and rooftops.' Astronomy Now 'A slim book containing some good (and some amusing) pictures and graphics. Translated from the French, Berthier's love of astronomy is evident ...'. Popular Astronomy 'It is very informative and I am sure all you require in one place for those with a basic astronomy interest.' Spaceflight
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