Turtle Lung Woman's Granddaughter

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September 2003



Told in their own words, "Turtle Lung Woman's Granddaughter" is the unforgettable story of several generations of Lakota women who grew up on the open plains of northern Nebraska and southern South Dakota. Delphine Red Shirt has delicately woven the life stories of her mother, Lone Woman, and Red Shirt's great-grandmother, Turtle Lung Woman, into a continuous narrative that succeeds triumphantly as a moving, epic saga of Lakota women from traditional times in the mid-nineteenth century to the present. Especially revealing are Turtle Lung Woman's relationship with her husband, Paints His Face with Clay, her healing practice as a medicine woman, Lone Woman's hardships and celebrations growing up in the early twentieth century, and many wonderful details of their domestic lives before and during the early reservation years.


Acknowledgments; Orthographic and Pronunciation Key; Introduction Part 1: Turtle Lung Woman (Kheglezela Chaguwi) 1. Beading by Moonlight 2. Khagi Wichasa, Crow Men 3. Turtle Lung Woman 4. Stones and Turtle Shells 5. Wakiyela, The Mourning Dove 6. Ite Siyakhiya's Wives 7. Lakota Code of Conduct--Part 1 8. Lakota Code of Conduct--Part 2 9. Thathaka Naz, Standing Buffalo 10. Matho Cha Wigni Iya, Bear Goes in the Wood 11. Akhe Ikto, Again, Iktomi, the Trickster 12. "Bliheiciya Wau, With Dauntless Courage, I Live Part 2: Lone Woman (Wiya Isnala) 13. Raised on Canned Milk 14. "Wichicalala, Small Girl 15. Horses of Many Colors 16. Whispers 17. The Grasses They Grew--Part 1 18. The Grasses They Grew--Part 2 19. Canvas Moccasins 20. My Father Was a Dancing Man 21. My Father's Dreadful Dream 22. Kettle Dance Part 3: Death 23. Rations 24. Taya Wablake, Clear Eyes 25. Apetu ki hel, On a Given Day, I Became a Woman 26. Buffalo Ceremony 27. Mata, A Cheyenne Woman 28. Phezuta, Peyote 29. Thawicuku, Marriage 30. Brooks Horse Epilogue


Delphine Red Shirt is a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and is an adjunct professor of American studies and English at Yale University. She is the author of "Bead on an Anthill: A Lakota Childhood" (Nebraska 1997).


"Part family history, part myth, it is made especially revealing by the lively, fantastic stories of Red Shirt's mother, Lone Woman... These legends and histories, related in spare but eloquent language, are fascinating throughout." The Washington Post "Red Shirt does not lecture; rather, her vivid, simple prose turns the reader into a witness. 'I was there and I remember,' she writes, and readers will feel that way, too." Publishers Weekly
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