Lena's Rainbow

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"My dear," said the gypsy queen gazing at Lena's palm, "I see many troubles in the past. I see powerful upheavals. I see death. Terrible scenes of death." By now Lena was trembling in fear. Was her own death written in her palm? The queen continued. "Wait! There is something else! Yes, I see a rainbow. The rainbow stretches over a great body of water. You are sliding down the rainbow into the - - - I cannot continue." "Please," said Lena. "Tell me what you see!" "I cannot see through the water. It is too deep. Too murky. Beware!" In 1895, a sixteen year old Polish girl escapes a wretched life in Poland to care for a rich, aging uncle in Romania, only to be sabotaged by her seemingly worthless cousin. Facing the gallows, her only hope is to escape to America where the horrors of the past can be erased. Or can they? The story of Lena will tear at your heart strings until the last page of the book. Lena is unforgettable.

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