Essays in the History of Linguistic Anthropology

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Januar 1983



Anthropology and linguistics, as historically developing disciplines, have had partly separate roots and traditions. In particular settings and in general, the two disciplines have partly shared, partly differed in the nature of their materials, their favorite types of problem the personalities of their dominant figures, their relations with other disciplines and intellectual current. The two disciplines have also varied in their interrelation with each other and the society about them. Institutional arrangements have reflected the varying degrees of kinship, kithship, and separation. Such relationships themselves form a topic that is central to a history of linguistic anthropology yet marginal to a self-contained history of linguistics or anthropology as either would be conceived by most authors. There exists not only a subject matter for a history of linguistic anthropology, but also a definite need.


1. Table of Contents, pvii; 2. Introduction, pix; 3. 1. Notes towards a History of Linguistic Anthropology, p1; 4. 2. Lexicostatistics and Glottochronology in the 19th Century, p59; 5. 3. The Americanist Tradition in Linguistics, p115; 6. 4. Linguistic Method in Ethnography, p135; 7. 5. Linguistic Anthropologist (by Kroeber, Alfred Louis), p245; 8. 6. From the First Yale School to World Prehistory (by Swadesh, Morris), p273; 9. 7. The Pre-war Prague School and Post-war American Anthropological Linguistics, p331; 10. 8. Tradition and Paradigms, p345; 11. Index of Authors, p385; 12. Index of Subjects, p393
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