Understanding and Profiting from Intellectual Property: A Guide for Practitioners and Analysts

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April 2008



A new look at the strategic and managerial issues surrounding intellectual property (IP) and international commercialization in the international market. Four sections cover fundamentals of IP, country factors and their impact on IP, international management of IP and international strategies of IP with case studies and statistical data.


1: Understanding and Profiting from IP: A Beginning    PART
I: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FUNDAMENTALS 2 Intellectual Property Theories 3: Intellectual Property Systems PART
II: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ENVIRONMENTS 4: The Effects of Intellectual Property on Political Economy 5: The Effects of Political Economy on Intellectual Property 6: The Effects of Culture on Intellectual Property   PART
III: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT  7: Managing Intellectual Property Assets 8: Valuing Intellectual Property   PART
IV: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY STRATEGIES 9: Commercialising Intellectual Property Internationally 10: Licensing and Contracting Intellectual Property Internationally 11: Global Piracy and Strategic Responses 12: Understanding and Profiting from IP: New Beginnings


Deli Yang


'This is well-researched and thought-provoking read for both the academic and business communities.' - Anuradha Swaminathan, World Intellectual Property Organization
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