Building Postwar Europe

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Controversy surrounds the construction of postwar European institutions. Did West European states simply respond to American pressure and Cold-War politics? How important was federalist idealism, as opposed to economic and power political factors to decision-makers? These studies, by an international team of historians, examine the motivations of national political leaders and their officials. Topics covered include British and French officials, European integration and military policies; German, Italian, Belgian and Dutch attitudes; Britain and the first attempt to join the EEC; and the covert relationship between the USA and the European federalists.


Acknowledgements - Notes on the Contributors - Introduction; A.Deighton - In Search of a European Consciousness: French Military Elites and the Idea of Europe, 1947-54; C.d'Abzac Epezy & P.Vial - The French Administrative Elite and the Unification of Western Europe, 1947-58; G.Bossuat - German Decision-Making Elites and European Integration: German 'Europolitik' during the Years of the EEC and Free Trade Area Negotiations; S.Huth - The Approaches to European Institution Building of Carlo Sforza, Italian Foreign Minister, 1947-51; M.Miller - The British Military View of European Security, 1945-50; P.Cornish - British Officials and European Integration, 1944-60; J.W.Young - 'A Conditional Application': British Management of the First Attempt to Seek Membership of the EEC, 1961-63; A.Deighton & P.Ludlow - Belgian Decision-Makers and European Unity, 1945-63; T.Grosbois & Y.Stelandre - 'Longing for London': The Netherlands and the Political Cooperation Initiative, 1959-62; B.Bouwman - European Integration: An American Intelligence Connection; R.J.Aldrich - Select Bibliography - Index
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