Freud & His Mother

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Juli 1977



Deborah Margolis is not on a Freud-bashing expedition, nor is she engaged in political idealization. Rather, she takes us on a journey guided by Freud's idea that our psychological complexes are sources of our weaknesses and our strengths. Although Freud actively sought to lead his biographers astray, Margolis's detailed knowledge of the terrain and her psychoanalytically trained perspective directs us to a fascinating exploration of 'Freud's preoedipal complexes which have so richly endowed our civilization. Margolis introduces us to mother Amalia as well as to her family of origin. We find ourselves in the home of Amalia and Jacob Freud, observing the family interactions. We become acquainted with Freud's wife, Martha - her background, their courtship and marriage, and her place in Freud's life.


Chapter 1 I Am the Mother Chapter 2 Keep Well for Your Sigmund Chapter 3 I Went to See Breuer Chapter 4 You Are the Only Other Chapter 5 My Predilection for the Prehistoric Has Remained the Same Chapter 6 I Am Writing So Much for You Chapter 7 The Journey Is Long
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