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November 2001



This book integrates the theory of statistics with the practice of statistics through a series of case studies. Each lab introduces a problem, provides some scientific background, suggests investigations for the data, and provides a summary of the theory used in the investigations. The text is aimed at upper-division students.


From the contents: - Preface - Instructor's Guide to Stat Labs - Maternal Smoking and Infant Health - Who Plays Video Games?- Minnesota Radon Levels - Patterns in DNA - Can She Taste the Difference?- HIV Infection in Hemophiliacs - Dungeness Crab Growth - Calibrating a Snow Gauge - Voting Behavior - Maternal Smoking and Infant Health (continued) - A Mouse Model for Down Syndrome - Helicopter Design - Appendix A: Writing Lab Reports - Appendix B: Probability - Appendix C: Tables - Index


From the reviews:
"This is not your typical mathematical statistics book. ...It turns the traditional teaching of mathematical statistics on its head by making a case study the centerpiece of each chapter. ...This novel approach to bringing data analysis into the theoretical course is ideal for motivating and illustrating standard statistical techniques, for helping students understand mathematical statistics, and for showing how statistics can be useful in a wide variety of situations."
"This is an excellent pioneering book intended and suitable as the main text, or as a supplement to a more theoretical text, for a semester course in amthematical situations."
"This is a very good book of its kind, and represents a great deal of useful modern classroom experience."
"This book demonstrates that it is possible to cover the essential topics in one semester and make the course effective, as well. ... this book is intended for a course in mathematical statistics for third year and fourth year undergraduates ... . The book can be used as the main text for a course ... . I strongly feel that this book ... should be followed in the introductory course in mathematical statistics for the undergraduates." (Somesh Das Gupta, Sankhya, Vol. 64 (1), 2002)
"The book by Nolan and Speed turns the traditional teaching of mathematical statistics on its head to several case studies. This novel approach shows how statistics can be useful in a wide variety of contexts. ... This is a fun book with less theory. ... I enjoyed reading and learning ... . I recommend ... highly for statisticians and computer scientists who are interested in mastering bioinformatics and related concepts." (Ramalingam Shanmugam, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, Vol. 75 (1), 2005)
"This book is different. Each chapter presents a scientific problem ... . 'Stat Labs' is an attempt to introduce to statistical thinking as well as to teach the theory. In the hands of a good instructor this should excellently work. Nolan and Speed intend the book for a course in mathematical statistics for juniors and seniors and have themselves used the material in this way. I would also recommend it ... for beginning graduate students." (Wolfgang J. Bühler, Metrika, June, 2005)
"Nolan and Speed describe their approach to teaching mathematical statistics through in-depth case studies. ... the strengths of the book are its clear statements of scientific problems and their associated background information ... . I would recommend it as a practically orientated supplementary course text ... . I believe it will be of immense use to teachers and students alike. ... Various supplementary material, including the data sets themselves, can be obtained from" (Paul Northrop, Journal of Applied Statistics, Vol. 28 (6), 2001)
"The authors of this text believe that more advanced students in a course in mathematical statistics ... will benefit from an applications-oriented course. This is an original and sophisticated book that could stimulate a transformation in the method by which mathematical statistics is taught. ... the book is ... most suitable as a supplemental text to support the exploration of an extensive set of data bases." (Journal of Mathematical Psychology, May, 2001)
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