Foundation Engineering Handbook 2/E

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September 2010



1: Introduction;
Part 1: Geotechnical Engineering; 2: Subsurface Exploration; 3: Laboratory Testing; 4: Soil Mechanics;
Part 2: Foundation Design; 5: Shallow and Deep Foundations; 6: Bearing Capacity of Foundations; 7: Settlement of Foundations; 8: Consolidation; 9: Foundations on Expansive Soil; 10: Slope Stability; 11: Retaining Walls; 12: Foundation Deterioration and Cracking; 13: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering for Soils; 14: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering for Foundations and Retaining Walls;
Part 3: Foundation Construction; 15: Grading and Other Soil Improvement Methods; 16: Foundation Excavation, Underpinning, and Field Load Tests; 17: Geosynthetics and Instrumentation;
Part 4: 2009 International Building Code; 18: International Building Code Regulations for Soils; 19: International Building Code Regulations for Foundations;
Appendix A: Glossary;
Appendix B: Example of a Foundation Engineering Report;
Appendix C: Solution to Problems;
Appendix D: Conversion Factors;
Appendix E: Bibliography; Index


Robert W. Day (San Diego, CA) has published over 200 papers, as is currently active on various committees with ASCE, ASTM, Tranportation Research Board, and received a design award from AIA. After completing his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Civil Engineering at Villanova specializing in Structural Engineering, he completed his masters in Civil Engineering and Engineer Degree at MIT.
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