The Resurgence of Religion: A Comparative Study of Selected Themes in Christian and Islamic Fundamentalist Discourses

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Februar 2003



This book is a comparative study of basic themes in Christian and Islamic fundamentalist discourses, analyzing and comparing texts from a wide variety of fundamentalist leaders and movements, looking for "family resemblances" and significant differences in order to better understand the contemporary phenomenon of religious resurgence. After placing fundamentalisms in a theoretical framework, the study looks at selected themes important to fundamentalists, noting resemblances and differences. These themes include their anti-secularist stance, their theocentric worldviews, their reliance on inerrant sacred scriptures, and their attitudes to politics, government, state and democracy. The study also looks at the fundamentalist view of the world as a perennial battlefield between the forces of good and those of evil, in the realm of ideologies as well as politics and the legitimation of violence.
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CONTENTS Acknowledgements Notes Abbreviations Introduction
o Preliminary Notes
o Main Thesis
o Methods of Research
o Theoretical Considerations
o Importance of Fundamentalist Discourse
o Selection of Primary Sources
o Literature Review
o Summary of Chapters I Historical Background to Protestant Christian and Islamic Fundamentalisms Sample Chapter
o Christian Fundamentalism - Introduction - Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism - On the Fringes-The Hard Right or the Lunatic Fringe - Historical Outline - Some Characteristics of Contemporary Protestant Fundamentalism
o Historical Background of Islamic Fundamentalism - Introduction - Some Causes Offered for Islamic Fundamentalism - History II The Phenomenon of Fundamentalism: Theoretical and Methodological Considerations
o Resurgence of Religion - Is the Term "Fundamentalism" Usable across Boundaries?
o Definitions & Attributes - Categorization of Fundamentalisms - Are Comparisons Valid? III Anti-secularism as a Main Common Denominator
o Introduction - Anti-Secularist Stance of Fundamentalisms - Views on the Historical Development of the Secularist Paradigm - Appearance of Secularism in the Muslim World and Reaction to it
o Fundamentalist Critique of Secularism - Secularism is Antithetical to Religion - Secularism is Based on Wrong Presuppositions - Secularism Privatizes Religion and Fragments Culture - Secularism is Anthropocentric, Yet Devalues Man - Secularism Promotes the Myth of Progress and Utopianism - Secularism Corrupts Faith, Law and Morality - Secularism is the Source of Contemporary Evil deologies - Secularism is Idolatry
o Conclusion IV Sacred Scripture as God's Revealed Standard and Law
o Introduction
o Centrality of Scripture
o The Right Attitude to Scripture
o Interpretation of Scripture
o Scripture as Law
o Conclusion V Attitudes to Religion, Politics, and the State
o Introduction
o Attitudes to Governments and to Political Participation
o State Legal System
o Some Views on the Integration of State and Religion
o Who has the Right to Rule for God?
o Conclusion VI The Past Golden Age and Contemporary Religious Politics
o Looking Back to the Golden Age
o The Goal of Religious Politics
o Gradual Implementation by Stages
o Views on Democracy and Power Sharing
o Conclusion VII The Contemporary Battle
o Introduction
o Various Aspects of the Battle
o Fundamentalist Separatism
o Impact of Eschatology
o Conspiracy Theories
o Legitimation of Resistance and Violence
o Conclusion Conclusion
o Discussion of Findings
o Final Word Appendix: Biographies of Primary Source Authors
o Islamic
o Christian Bibliography
o Primary Sources
o Secondary Sources
o References
o Scriptures Index Click here to download a sample chapter!


David S. Zeidan, Ph.D. (2000) London in comparative religions, MA (1995) SOAS in Middle East Area Studies, is a research consultant and has written articles on comparative fundamentalisms, Islamic fundamentalism, and on minorities in the Middle East.
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