The Life of Beethoven

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An account of Beethoven's life as a creative musician.


1. The young courtier; 2. A new career in Vienna; 3. Cursing his creator and his existence; 4. Drama and symphony; 5. Patrons and patriotism; 6. Empires of the mind; 7. Towards a public comeback; 8. Facing death.


'The Life of Beethoven by David Wyn Jones in the Cambridge Musical Lives series is so clear to a non-specialist and so elegant as it weaves the public and private lives together, that I intend to get all the other books in the series.' Antonia Fraser, The Sunday Times 'Here, at last, is a Beethoven who behaves like a real composer. That he does so is thanks to the careful accumulation of circumstantial detail with which Wyn Jones, a dispassionate and even-handed historian, fleshes out his subject's life.' BBC Music Magazine ' ... this book gives a better, more rounded picture of the Viennese environment in Beethoven's years there than any other Beethoven biography I know.' The Times Higher Literary Supplement ' ... Jones brilliantly fulfills his promise to contextualize Beethoven ... No matter how smart about Beethoven you think you are you will find something of use here. And you will also be entertained. Jones is to be much congratulated. There is a real need for a short biography that is rich in context: Jones has filled the void.' The Beethoven Journal
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