The Infamous Boundary

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Juli 1998



"Provides (an)...accurate portrait of the essence of the disputes, both epistemological and technical, that characterize contemporary inquiry. This book will profit any reader-physicist, mathematician, philosopher, or civilian-who wants a comprehensive and intelligible survey of this pesky episode in fundamental physical theory."-CHOICE"I have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone interested in the history, philosophy or sociology of science, and it is worth adding to the library shelf on quantum theory."-PHYSICS WORLD


1. Prologue I: Atoms.- 2. Prologue II: Quanta.- 3. Revolution, Part I: Heisenberg's Matrices.- 4. Revolution, Part II: Schrödinger's Waves.- 5. Uncertainty.- 6. Complementarity.- 7. The Debate Begins.- 8. The Impossibility Theorem.- 9. EPR.- 10. The Post-War Heresies.- 11. Bell's Theorem.- 12. Dice Games and Conspiracies.- 13. Testing Bell.- 14. Loopholes.- 15. The Impossible Observed.- 16. Paradoxes.- 17. Philosophies.- 18. Principles.- 19. Opinions.- 20. Speculations.- PostScript.- Appendix by William Faris.- Notes.
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Untertitel: Seven Decades of Heresy in Quantum Physics. 1st Corrected ed. 1995. Corr. 2nd printing 1998. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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